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Himalaya – Hair Loss Cream

Himalaya - Hair Loss Cream

Himalaya – Hair Loss Cream

Himalaya – Hair Loss Cream

50 ml
USD 13.95
100 ml
USD 25.95

Himalaya – Hair Loss Cream Description

Himalaya Hair Loss Cream’s Action:

  1. Stimulates the Anagenic (Active) phase of hair growth cycle
  2. Induces quick multiplication of hair fibre cells
  3. Improves tensile strength of hair and increases hair density

Note : Himalaya Hair Loss Cream does not work in cases of Male Pattern Baldness (baldness due to genetic reasons).

Himalaya Hair Loss Cream Usage

Gently massage the Himalaya Hair Loss Cream into the scalp using fingertips. Cover the entire scalp, part by part. For best results, leave on overnight. Rinse in the morning if desired. Use Himalaya Hair Loss Cream daily. In case of severe hair loss, use twice daily. The Himalaya Hair Loss Cream might cause light staining on the clothes. The stain can be easily rinsed off with water.

Himalaya Hair Loss Cream Indications : Aloepecia Areata, Diffuse Hair Loss

Visible Effects after Himalaya Hair Loss Cream Usage :

  1. Diffuse Hair Loss (Gradual loss of hair over a period of time) :
    20% reduction in hair loss in 2 weeks. Continued use ensures upto 70% reduction in hair loss in 6 months.
  2. Aloepecia Areata (sudden development of bald patch) : Re-growth of 40% hair on the bald area within 3 months.
  3. Associated symptoms of hair loss (itching/dryness/redness of scalp) : 75% reduction in 2 weeks.
  4. Hair pull test : 50% improvement in tensile strength of hair within a month. 100% normalization in 3 months.
  5. Hair follicle count : 30% increase in count in 1 month. 50% normalization after 2 months and a complete normalization in 6 months after usage.

Note :

  1. Effects 1 – 5 are seen upon daily use only.
  2. Himalaya Hair Loss Cream has no side effects.
  3. Do not use in case of scalp injury, cut, wound or any other infection.
  4. Himalaya Hair Loss Cream is clinically tested and proven effective on over 110 individuals.

Himalaya Hair Loss Cream Ingredients :

  • Butea monosperma (Palasha)
  • Butea parviflora (Palashabheda)
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  • Himalaya Products Hair Care Himalaya – Hair Loss Cream

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