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Himalaya – Hiora


Himalaya – Hiora

Himalaya – Hiora

Himalaya Hiora Shine Tooth paste - 100 gms
USD 14.95
Himalaya Hiora-K for Sensitive Tooth - 100 gms
USD 13.95
Himalaya Hiora-SG for Mouth ulcer - 10 gms
USD 11.95
Himalaya Hiora GA Gel for Gums - 15 ml
USD 11.95
Himalaya Hiora mouth wash - 150 ml
USD 15.95
Himalaya Hiora-K mouthwash - 150 ml
USD 15.95

Himalaya Hiora range of Dental products

The Himalaya Drug Company, a leading herbal health and personal care company, launched HiOra, a complete range of herbal oral care products for safe and effective treatment of teeth and gum ailments.

Himalaya’s HiOra range is India’s first range of herbal oral care products in the prescription oral care segment, addressing specific mouth ailments.

All products in this Himalaya Hiora range are 100% vegetarian and clinically proven.

The Himalaya Hiora range of products includes :

  • Himalaya Hiora Shine Tooth paste
  • Himalaya Hiora-K for Sensitive Tooth
  • Himalaya Hiora-SG for Mouth ulcer
  • Himalaya Hiora-GA for Gums
  • Himalaya Hiora mouth wash
  • Himalaya Hiora-K mouthwash

Himalaya Hiora Shine Tooth Paste

Himalaya Hiora Shine Toothpaste is an herbal teeth whitening agent which has natural enzymes that gently dissolve the stains on the surface of the teeth. Himalaya Hiora Shine Toothpaste also has antiplaque, antibacterial and astringent properties.

Himalaya HiOra Shine Toothpaste effectively fights plaque with the help of phyto enzymes. Himalaya HiOra Shine Toothpaste is gentle on the teeth and gums as it does not contain harsh abrasives. Himalaya HiOra Shine Toothpaste ensures whiter and shinier teeth without causing any damage to the enamel.

Himalaya Hiora-K for Sensitive Tooth

Himalaya Hiora-K Toothpaste has desensitizing, dentinal tubule occluding and gum strengthening actions. Himalaya Hiora-K Toothpaste also has remineralizing, protective, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anaesthetizing and antimicrobial activities.

Himalaya Hiora-K Toothpaste treats sensitive teeth by desensitizing the nerves, forming a protective layer over teeth and strengthening gums to prevent them from receding. Himalaya Hiora-K Toothpaste helps control oral bacterial population and maintains good oral health and hygiene.

Himalaya Hiora-SG for Mouth ulcer

Himalaya Hiora-SG Gel has ulcer-healing, anti-allergic, antibacterial, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Himalaya Hiora-SG Gel relieves inflammation and pain associated with mouth ulcers and heals the damaged mucosal lining of the oral cavity.

Himalaya Hiora-SG Gel also prevents oral pathogenic bacteria from proliferating and causing mucosal damage.

Himalaya Hiora-SG Gel enhances the activity of the immune system and provides protection against recurrence of mouth ulcers. Himalaya Hiora-SG Gel in addition inhibits IgE production by lymphocytes thus providing relief from allergic manifestations.

Himalaya Hiora-GA for Gums

Himalaya HiOra-GA Gel has haemostatic, astringent, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, mouth refreshing and wound healing actions. Himalaya HiOra-GA Gel inhibits the action of PMN induced Matrix metalloproteinases involved in adult periodontitis.

Himalaya HiOra-GA Gel strengthens gums, heals wounds, arrests bleeding, reduces bad breath and works against bacteria growing in the oral cavity. Himalaya HiOra-GA Gel is responsible for maintaining healthy and strong gums.

Himalaya Hiora Mouthwash

Himalaya Hiora Mouthwash has antimicrobial, antiplaque, antiseptic, analgesic and refreshing properties. Himalaya Hiora Mouthwash has active herbal ingredients that act against common strains of oral bacteria and fungi and prevent gum and tooth disease.

Himalaya Hiora Mouthwash helps tone gums and help in the prevention and treatment of gum disease. Himalaya Hiora Mouthwash gives a refreshing feeling in the mouth and helps overcome the embarrassing problem of halitosis or bad breath.

Himalaya Hiora-K Mouthwash

Himalaya Hiora-K Mouthwash has desensitizing and mouth refreshing actions. It also has remineralizing, antimicrobial, antiseptic, analgesic activities.

Himalaya Hiora-K Mouthwash protects teeth against common strains of bacteria which cause periodontitis leading to sensitive teeth. Himalaya Hiora-K Mouthwash also helps in restoring the mineral composition of the teeth and strengthens them. Himalaya Hiora-K Mouthwash helps in maintaining optimum health of the gums and teeth.

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